Expressive Black-and-White Landscapes and Fine-Art Digital Printmaking


Landscape photography is formed by the point of view of the photographer; it is a spiritual experience, the reflection of a culture. Historically, the great masters of black-and-white landscape used large-format cameras and traditional film processes. Advances in digital technology have opened new opportunities for photographers who wish to explore the aesthetic and technical aspects of digital black-and-white landscapes.


On location, we take the time to see and fully express the spirit of the black-and-white landscape as we discover a place and the secrets of its beauty. We consider the concept of landscape and how it is connected to the cultural, social, and geographical aspects of our environment.


In the digital lab, we combine traditional Zone System methodology with new digital processes in Adobe Lightroom to forge a complete digital grayscale workflow. We learn to convey our personal interpretations of landscapes in the black-and-white fine print. Blending traditional, new, and emerging techniques and technologies, we discover the extraordinary possibilities of expressive digital black-and-white landscape work.


Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

March 26 - 31, 2017


National Geographic Expeditions Photo Workshops in Santa Fe


May 9 - 13, 2017 co-teaching with Amy Toensing

July 11 -1 5, 2017 co-teaching with Lynn Johnson

September 12 - 16, 2017 co-teaching with Jay Dickman

Oct 17 - 21, 2017 co-teaching with Ralph Lee Hopkins

One on One  Workshops


Custom one on one personalized photography workshops provide the opportunity to work with Carlan to master your photographic goals.  Portfolio reviews, mentoring on a long term project, delving beyond the basics, taking your next photographic step, finding your click of the shutter?  Explore, discover, and learn at your personal pace.  Workshops range from one to five days.  Cost per day $650.00.




The opportunity to work one on one long distance to discover your photographic voice and expand your photographic skills.  Four sessions over three months.  Cost $1425.00.  To discuss and plan your mentorship contact Carlan.

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